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For those of you that have not been able to leave a comment on my blog, the problem as been resolved.  Commence commenting

Thanks so much to a few of our readers that let me know.  I had no idea there was a problem.


Please leave me a really weird comment.


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Jeannie is a graduate of St. Paul Collage of Visual Arts, accomplished mixed media artist, published jewelry designer and Bead maker. She is the creator of the Echo Creative Club and the ever popular Do Over Challenge. When she is not creating art, she helps people live happy, healthy lives. HUGE De-stash Sale going on now. ALL proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders.
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2 Responses to Posting Comments

  1. Whee! The People says:

    Greetings from Texas! (where everybody’s a cowboy and we all ride horses to work)

  2. Whee! The People says:

    Like a good neighbor stay far from there.

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