Swoosh and Prisma


I’d like you to meet Swoosh and Prisma

Swoosh Pendants

Swoosh Pendants

Polymer Clay Ribbon Tools

Polymer Clay Ribbon Tools

I started with this hunk of polymer clay that I smashed, whittled, cut, smashed some more and then carved in the Swoosh with the tools you see pictured.  I get such a thrill doing this.

I achieved the colors with many layers of acrylic paint I applied by hand. The process is painstaking, but exhilarating.  Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for each layer of paint to dry before I apply the next color is excruciating, but if I don’t I will end up with a big, dark, muddy mess.  No two are the same.   Pendants are 33mm round, and very dimensional.



These started with this hand sketch than sculpted out of a hunk of polymer clay which was hard to keep the shape with such an intricate design.

My hand sketch

My hand sketch

I sketched dozen of designs before I decided on this one.  As I was carving out the clay the words, “what the He!! was I thinking?” came to mind more than once, but I couldn’t give up.  I was committed and determined.

Each one is perfectly imperfect with a slight variation in thickness. They are not perfectly round and the back is not perfectly even, but very, very close.   They are all made with my own two hands from my heart. Polymer clay pendants are about 35mm

I really hesitated to do them in metallic colors.  What do you think?

Prisma (2) Prisma (3) Prisma (4)


The perfect match

The perfect match

I just wish I had time to make some jewelry, but I have to give up one to do the other.

If you make beads or know of any beads that would coordinate perfectly with my pendants, please let me know or send me the link.

Today only make any $25 purchase and I will send you a FREE Prisma or Swoosh AND a FREE pair of earrings with art beads in them made by me.


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Jeannie is a graduate of St. Paul Collage of Visual Arts, accomplished mixed media artist, published jewelry designer and Bead maker. She is the creator of the Echo Creative Club and the ever popular Do Over Challenge. When she is not creating art, she helps people live happy, healthy lives. HUGE De-stash Sale going on now. ALL proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders.
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4 Responses to Swoosh and Prisma

  1. Kokopelli says:

    Prisma’s my favorite. They would make cute Little ornaments with the star in the center.

  2. I would love to see them in a jewelry design. I was going for a flower in the center. lol

  3. These are beautiful – as always! Loving the metallic designs – you know me, I would pair them with some awesome handmade chain in either silver, brass, or copper!

  4. I love all these! The colors you have achieved are amazing and have such depth – not only depth but you have successfully made them look vintage/shabby chic. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

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